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Like GWR’s Old Oak Common depot, the Landore depot in Swansea is set to close in 2018. The introduction of new class 800 Intercity Express Train (IET) and reduction in High Speed Train (HST) sets, as well as the new IET depot situated on the old carriage sidings, means that the work Landore has completed for over 50 years has all but dried up.

The diesel depot, opened in 1963, was built on the site of the original steam sheds. The depot serviced locomotives, diesel multiple units and coaching stock working in the Swansea and Western Region starting on the Western hydraulics, class 37s and 47s and later, diesel multiple units and HSTs.

The depot consists of a 4 lane Main Shed which has multilevel work platforms, 4 x 35-ton lifting jacks, a 3-5 ton overhead gantry, a 3 road double ended 46 metre long Servicing Shed, an Underframe Cleaning Pit and a small 3 lane Sanding Shed.

The depot has done everything from the daily servicing of locos and HST sets to Super E exams on Class 37s in the late 70s and F exams on Class 56s in the mid-80s. In 1989, the depot was taken over by Intercity and became involved in door locking modifications to coaching stock and ATP fitment to HSTs.


Year: 2018
Categories: 360 Photography, Virtual Tours,

360 Photography
Virtual Tours
Sound Recording

Old images of Landore

The tour includes photography taken at the depot in 1910.

Video of Landore in 2004

Videos showing trains and their movements around the depot in 2004 filmed by Mike Wilcock.

Class 08 cab

360s include an 08 and HST cab.


The Landore photoshoot was completed on the 19th July 2018 with 36 360 degree panoramas taken. Sound was also recorded at each photo location to give a real sense of atmosphere. Extra video was also shot and has been embedded into the tour as well as scanned photographs showing the work and the special trains that appeared at the depot.

The depot was in its final months of operation on my visit and was working on two items of rolling stock, a MK3 buffet car and 43079 power car which was the penultimate HST power car to ever be worked on at Landore. Another power car was due to arrive by lorry the following day then both leave the depot back to back the following week. The depot was still servicing up to 3 HST sets every night but this was soon to reduce.

Whilst photographing the depot, all safety policies were adhered to, especially on track, and nothing was done to disrupt the day-to-day running of the depot.

I would like to thank the staff of Landore who were friendly, accommodating and passionate about the job and what had been achieved at Landore.