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Great branding is essential for a memorable and successful product or company. I have worked on national brands as well as small local start up businesses from logos to full corporate branding guidelines. An example of full range of my branding skills is the rebrand work I did for Miles Tea and Coffee. On this project I had to ensure that the new brand elements I had designed would work across many different forms of media, from comp slips through to van signage, packaging and the new website.



Seadog Foods logoSeadog Food logo ideasSeadog Foods catering trailerSeadog Foods website

Beth Newsome and Jim Coslett approached me for a logo and branding for their new street food business Seadog Foods. Influenced by the flavours of foods on their travels around the world they decided to create tasty dishes using local caught North Devon seafood and infusing this with flavours from around the world, especially eastern Asia.

Beth and Jim were looking for a logo that combined maritime elements with eastern Asian and Oriental styles. After a few designs a logo was chosen that combine an anchor, the sail of a Chinese Junk sailboat, some chopsticks and an Asian style font.

The bright and vibrant colours used were influenced by those used in Asian posters and signage. The main logo is in a navy blue and sits on top of a version in cream which is slightly offset. The logo then sits on a red background which when placed on white has a distressed edge. The logo elements also have a distressed image.

The design was altered slightly when I was asked to apply the branding to a catering trailer using a vinyl wrap. The logo looked a little lost on the side of the trailer that did not have a hatch so a faint map of the world was used with the logo and the strapline ‘Local fish with a world flavour’ placed in the centre.

The website was constructed using a mixture of full width imagery and a red background, the transition between the two being made by using the distressed edge on the red.