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I was really excited to have the opportunity to re-brand my favourite tea company! Miles Tea & Coffee were looking to modernise their identity to appeal to a younger audience, whilst not losing sight of their heritage as an 120 year old company or alienating existing customers. As part of the design process, I researched the brand’s previous packaging and design elements; the elephant had been an important part of the identity throughout, but the lettering had previously been thicker and more bold. It was decided the combine these elements to create a more modern and clean look.

When looking at the packaging, the new identity had to work across 50+ different varieties of tea and coffee, and had to work with the company’s existing production machinery. After exhaustive competitor research, I used an eye-catching range of colours across the spectrum to represent the different varieties of tea, using bolder hues to appeal to the younger audience and to provide good standout on retail shelves. I designed a system so the labels could be applied to a generic box which made each individual blend stand out but also include ingredients, brewing information as well as a barcode. Research was also conducted into the packaging material to see if this could be made more environmentally friendly. For the loose tea, I managed to source 100% recycled material from West Somerset and get them manufactured locally. From raw material to finished product the loose tea bags travelled no more then 90 miles.

The new identity was rolled out across advertising and promotional sales materials, used to make creative point of sale solutions and sales fleet vehicles. A new integrated website was also created in collaboration with a development team, with work including bespoke photography of packaging and close-up shots of the loose teas – it was a real pleasure to work on.

If you’re after the ultimate cuppa, check out the extensive range on the Miles website.

Miles Tea & Coffee

Year: 2012
Categories: Design, Identity, Photography, Print, Web

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