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I have always had an interest in photography having studied it at college, and have used it in the majority of projects I have been involved in. I have shot both on location as well as in a studio on projects included product, promotional and website imagery for Miles Tea & Coffee, website and advert imagery for Tim Stapleton Architectural services, website and promotional imagery for Seadog Foods and event photography for IMG Construction.



Tim-Stapleton-Ad-High-ResTim-Stapleton-Architectural-Services-About-Page-ImageBeegc-Grove-InteriorPhoto of the exterior extension of Beach Grove -

From the very beginning photography has played a key role in Tim Stapleton Architectural Services branding. When creating the brand we looked at other local architects and how they advertised themselves. One thing that stood out was that the ad spaces booked in magazines were small, usually 1/4 pages and most of these included imagery of completed projects, but they were pointless due to the small space. We thought that one of the most important things in a building project is the relationship between the Architect and client.

With this in mind we decided to run a using a portrait shot of Tim himself in a high contrasting black and white style, this really stood out in the magazine amongst the other ads.

The brief for the website was to create something clean and simple to use with minimal pages and navigation. We decided to use the self portrait format to give an impression of how and where Tim works.

The site is based on three background images all set up and framed with the website in mind. The homepage was to use a full page image depicting Tim in his working environment and contain the company logo, contact details and site menu. We made up a makeshift office in his livingroom with the framing set so Tim was central in the image. The right hand side of the page was to contain the logo and contact details so this area was made darker to make copy sit on it easier. Some retouching was need in photoshop to aid the darkness for the copy to sit on.

The main work example page is based on a top down view of Tims work desk. The main image required some rearranging of items in photoshop to ensure various projects and buttons fitted on to the work pad.

The final image for the about page was taken in the same location as the homepage but Tim now sits straight to camera. We also tried to capture Tim in a very relaxed and approachable fashion.

The main imagery was chosen to be black and white in a similar style to the press advertising as it helps the green of the logo to stand out and also gives the site a very relaxed feel.