If you are looking for a brand new website or you would like to freshen up one up you already have, then why not give me a shout. I design and build  professional, great looking, SEO optimised websites that are easy to use and navigate for the end user. As well as designing the layout of the site, I can also provide the photography, giving you a clean, stunning and unique website. I can also provide other web services, such as domain registration and website hosting.


Tim Stapleton Arcitectural Services Website on iMacTim Stapleton Arcitectural Services Website on iMac.jpgTim Stapleton Arcitectural Services Website on iMac

The website for Tim Stapleton Archtiectural Services was the third item on the branding project for Tim’s business and from the outset, Tim wanted the site to be very visual, clean and easy to navigate.

The style of the site was influenced by the press advertising I created for Tim. These were different to the majority of other architectural ads in that instead of displaying projects we decided to use a portrait of Tim himself. The rational behind this was that the first step in choosing an architect is finding someone you get on with. The 1/4 page ads with Tim stood out on a page with similar ad with small pictures of buildings as he appears friendly and approachable.

The home page is a full page image of Tim in his working environment. The use of black and white photography helps the user focus on the main points on the site; Tim, business details and the websites navigation.

The work page is once again a full page image, this time of Tim’s desk looking top down. The page background stays the same and the landing page includes an accordion to explain how Tim works on a project. The page background also remains the same with different projects appearing on the drawing pad on activation of the different buttons.

The final page returns to another angle of Tim in his office. This page includes an about section and contact details.